What is LOGICO?

LOGICO is an educational learning game focusing on logical learning. LOGICO has been developed by experienced teachers and used in education since. It focuses on improving concentration, spatial awareness and logical learning. Whilst first published in 1993, it has been a best-seller on the national and international market since then! So, for 25 years, LOGICO has been used widely at schools, kindergartens and at home.

LOGICO PRIMO – for nurseries and Early Years providers

The PRIMO range has been carefully designed to introduce independent learning and logical thinking at this young age.

LOGICO PICCOLO – for primary schools

PICCOLO is the follow-up range from PRIMO. With its ten buttons, this game provides more challenge, engaging children in a more complex problem-solving.


Going strong, for 25 years! What do teachers say about LOGICO? Read our LOGICO reviews!

LOGICO is an educational game encouraging logical thinking. It fosters thinking skills in a fun way! So, what do professionals say about LOGICO? Continue to read our LOGICO reviews here.

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