LOGICO is a fantastic educational learning game focusing on logical learning.

Logical learning with LOGICO PRIMO

LOGICO PRIMO sets are carefully designed and aim mainly for children of ages 3-6. To describe, each frame has 6 buttons, which are easy to push into the correct position on the LOGICO frame. In essence, learning through play is the idea behind LOGICO.

The adult introduces the task and after that a short children can work independently to solve each activity, using the card inserts and the LOGICO frame.

Above all, children are learning in a fun and motivating way. As a result, LOGICO encourages children to work independently, at their own pace.

LOGICO PRIMO in Early Years

This is fun and motivates for further learning. The range of LOGICO tasks are very extensive. For instance, they range from more simple ones for younger children, such as focusing on activities of their day. Similarly, the more complicated tasks for older students include counting with ‘teen’ numbers or using structured logic skills.

Benefits of using LOGICO

Above all, LOGICO sets encourage logical thinking and classifying; perception and concentration skills; focus on and improve knowledge of everyday life; reinforce basic Mathematics skills and language-vocabulary, with some sets specifically focusing on school readiness.

LOGICO is the perfect educational learning game for children from an early age. Historically, it has been successfully used in schools, kindergartens and homes for more than 25 years. In essence, LOGICO gives children the opportunity to solve tasks independently and at their own pace and to control the solutions themselves. This is fun and motivates for further learning! Currently, there are 11 card sets available to purchase in the UK, with each set containing 16 hard-wearing cards to use with LOGICO PRIMO frames. Content for each topic is carefully designed and beautifully illustrated by famous illustrators, to suit the needs and development of children of younger ages.

LOGICO is learning with fun

  • It is easy to handle and very motivating
  • Built-in, immediate self-checking
  • Compact, portable learning tool – no loose parts
  • For every age there is a right version of LOGICO
  • One board and 11 LOGICO PRIMO learning card sets
  • Each set contains 16 learning cards
  • For all major school subjects
  • Ideal for differentiated and independent learning
  • No batteries required

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