LOGICO, the learning game

It is a fantastic educational learning game focusing on logical learning. LOGICO has been developed by experienced teachers and used in education since. LOGICO focuses on improving concentration, spatial awareness and logical learning. Whilst first published in 1993, it has been a best-seller on the national and international market since then! So, for 25 years, LOGICO has been used widely at schools, nurseries and at home.

Whilst working with LOGICO encourages independent learning in a fun and playful way. With built-in self-check at the back of each card, children can check their own answers. PRIMO frames and cards have more of a toy feel, whilst teaching and building on essential skills.

The product itself is robust and durable. Children can safely operate the buttons by sliding them along a track. In order to add extra durability, the learning cards are laminated and the corners are rounded.

Children can interrupt the learning process at any stage to check the correct answers, by turning the card over. Furthermore, they can also easily check their answers by comparing the buttons with the coloured dots on the reverse of the card. Children can stop with LOGICO at any time as the buttons stay in place. It comes handy, for instance, when school hours are over, so they can continue later.

Above all, there’s plenty to learn from LOGICO games, including vocabulary and mathematics skills, improving understanding, speaking and listening skills Рall through play. LOGICO motivates children to become self-directed learners and to work with great enthusiasm!

How to use LOGICO?

How to use LOGICO?