LOGICO PRIMO and PICCOLO EDUCATIONAL logical learning game in the classroom

Introducing LOGICO PICCOLO for primary schools

LOGICO PICCOLO is an educational game, fostering logical thinking and enhancing learning in a fun way. Primarily, it has been designed for children of primary school ages.

LOGICO PICCOLO is the follow-up range from the LOGICO PRIMO educational game. primarily aimed for children aged between 5 and 10. Compared to LOGICO PRIMO, the PICCOLO frame has ten coloured buttons. As a result, children can engage with more complex problem-solving. In addition, LOGICO PICCOLO provides an increased level of challenge. Overall, the PICCOLO range builds on a range of skills in the areas of Mathematics. Also including logical thinking; sequencing; reading readiness; map reading skills and many more.

 LOGICO PRIMO and PICCOLO logical learning game educational

Practising and learning with self-control

The LOGICO learning game enables independent work, repetition, consolidation and development of learning content with direct self-control. Above all, this makes it an ideal tool for all forms of open education, free work, remedial education and the organisation of the weekly or termly plan. 

On the whole, the number of frames you need depends on the number of students and the type of work in your classroom and your primary setting.

If you are only using LOGICO in the classroom, you might want to try..

  • introducing a ‘cosy corner’ where children can read or work quietly on an activity
  • one table = one challenge, by providing different activities in different parts/tables of the classroom, and where children can choose their own learning
  • paired activity. You can pair up children, according to their abilities, to solve LOGICO challenges. Alternatively, you might want to make use of learning partners and pair children with higher and lower abilities to coach and support each other.
  • whole class LOGICO challenge. This is, of course, if you have plenty of frames on your hand!

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Interested in the LOGICO PICCOLO range?

The LOGICO PICCOLO is not yet available for on-line purchases. If you are an educational establishment and you are interested in including LOGICO PICCOLO in your teaching, please get in touch via email with a member of our team. Alternatively, give us a ring on +44 3301331628.